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All departments of the TU/e use a single system for handling the costs for printing and copying. This system is called PAS: the Print and copy Accounting System.  PAS enables students to copy & print on all PAS-enabled devices throughout the campus without the need of separate payments at each department.

This page explains in short about the procedures of copying and printing. More detailed instructions can be found above each PAS-enabled device.

PAS Account

Payments for printing & copying are performed digitally using virtual credits linked to your student ID.  Your student ID needs to be registered in the PAS system to be able to carry these credits. The next step is to add some money to your PAS account and you can start printing. New students, starting for the first time at IE&IS, receive a PAS account automatically holding an initial credit of 10 Euros.

-> Not sure if you have a PAS Account?  Read the section PAS service web page.


-> Click here to read the full manual in PDF format .

PAS Service web site

To make working with PAS more comfortable, the following services are available on the special PAS service web site

 Check if you have a PAS account
 Check your current credit balance
 Retrieve your copy PIN code
 Report of your PAS activities for the last 30 days

Open the web page (note: https, not http) and click the link PAS webtool
Login with your Windows user code prefixed with TUE\ , like: TUE\S091234

If login fails, then you probably have no PAS-account.  Contact the local Notebook Service Center to check this out. 

If all goes well, you will be presented a web page showing your current PAS balance and two additional buttons:

Mail pin codes:  sends the copy PIN codes to your E-mail address
.Overview:         displays your PAS activities over the last 30 days.

Increase your PAS credits

You can pay cash or by debit/bank card on these two locations (see map):

a. At the reception in the IPO building  (8:30am-12pm, 1pm-5pm, Cash only!)
b. At the reception in the Paviljoen building   (9am-5pm, PIN only!)

Note: it is not possible to get any refunds back, you have to spend it all on copying or printing.


Pricing (per page) 




A4 size

single sided



double sided



A3 size

single sided



double sided



 Note: The pricing above is for printing and copying at the department of IE&IS.  Other departments may handle different pricing.