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TDO Certificate

The Eindhoven University of Technology believes that sustainability and environmental aspects belong in any engineering curriculum. We think that environmental problems and sustainable development can best be dealt with by specialists who in their own field of expertise are well aware of the methods for integrating environmental aspects in the design process. Therefore, the certificate of Technology for Sustainable Development (TDO) has been introduced. Students who choose certain  courses and projects in the field of sustainability and environment will receive the TDO-certificate together with their Master of Science diploma. With the certificate the TU/e declares that the owners are also experts of sustainable development within their field of expertise.


The TDO-certificate shows that, within your own field of expertise, you are very well equipped to deal with ‘multidisciplinary’ environmental and (sustainable) energy-technological questions that confront engineers more and more. A lot of (mostly large) companies developed a strategy focusing on ‘societal responsible enterpreneuring’, also known as the triple P approach (people, planet, profit). Students who possess a TDO-certificate can show that they are already familiar with this field and that they developed themselves in a broader sense than just their own technical background.


The certificate will not be handed out to students who are following the Master-programme Sustainable Energy Technology (SET).


The TDO-certificate shows that you:


  • can reflect on the essence of the most important environmental problems and the solution of these problems in a sustainable manner;
  • can indicate some important environmental problems and some research areas within your own field of expertise concerning sustainable technology;
  • are capable of integrating environmental aspects in the design process in your own field of expertise;
  • recognize the multidisciplinary character of sustainable technology;
  • are capable of indicating which other disciplines are of importance in design problems;
  • are capable of working in multidisciplinary teams.